About Us

We are a friendly Chinese church located in Culver City. Our church is non-denominational, meaning we do not affiliate ourselves and our church with any sect of the Protestant or Catholic Church. We are located at 4427 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230.

A Brief History About Shenzhou Mission Church

Shenzhou Mission Church was founded in 1996. Rooted in the Christian faith, our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its predecessor, the "Shenzhou Fellowship", was established at the end of 1992.

It started with four brothers and sisters, dedicated to convert compatriots and classmates mainly from mainland China, and established meeting points in the Torrance area of ​​Los Angeles and the USC area. With the strong support and help of the Los Angeles Church of Bread of Life and the "Overseas Campus" magazine, the fellowship gradually developed. Since 1994, God has opened the door of the UCLA Gospel Workshop for the fellowship through several brothers and sisters. They welcomed all to join their fellowship. All the co-workers worked together to prosper the gospel. Soon, what began as three families that began the church grew immensely. They moved to Santa Monica on Easter in 1995. The Westside Christian Fellowship Hall held meetings, and the UCLA Gospel Fellowship was officially named the West Los Angeles Shenzhou Fellowship in response to the actual situation and work needs.

With the grace of God, many people have known and accepted Jesus Christ here since the establishment of the fellowship. In order to enable the brothers and sisters who have believed in the Lord to have more spiritual cultivation and growth, and at the same time, according to God’s will, gradually transition to the establishment of the church, so as to have a longer and stronger spiritual base for shepherding. Caring and evangelism can be carried out more effectively. The official Sunday gatherings began in West Los Angeles First Baptist Church in April 1996, and the "ShenZhou Mission Church" was officially established in September 1997. In February of the year 2000, God gave the church a venue for morning meetings: Grace Lutheran Church at Culver City. Since then, the church has taken a new course.

Our Doctrine

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